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There are many barriers to obtaining physical therapy observation hours, making it stressful and difficult for students.

Limited Locations willing to accept observers

Lack of nearby Facilities willing to accept students; many require onboarding requirements, have observation hour limits or volunteer limits

Accessibility burden for students

Scheduling time to complete required or recommended numbers of observation hours can be challenging due to school/sport/work commitments

Finding diverse observation hours can be challenging

Particularly for applicants in rural areas. This includes, outpatient orthopedics, inpatient, acute care, pediatrics, etc.

"I found it difficult and inconvenient to obtain these hours. My team and I have created PT observation hours in the hope of making the lives of prospective physical therapy students a little bit easier. Our program allows prospective students to view these videos virtually and independently without having to miss a day of class or work to complete this requirement. My hope is that it can make the profession of physical therapy more accessible to anyone and everyone who expresses an interest in the field.”
Rosemary O’Halloran

PT Observation Hours offers physical therapy observation hours when you need them, without the hassle.

PT Observation Hours offers physical therapy observation hours when you need them, without the hassle.

Why are we doing this?

To save you (the observer) time & money by allowing you to complete observation hours for Physical Therapy School independently & on your own time.

To help make the application process for Physical Therapy programs more accessible to those of all demographics and situations.

To promote the profession of Physical Therapy in a positive way.  To help people understand what Physical Therapy is & how it is useful!


Enjoy instant access to these Videos.

Outpatient Orthopedics

(8 videos)

Home Care

(4 video)


(coming soon)

Inpatient/Acute Care

(Coming Soon)

Neuro Physical Therapy

(1 Video)

Sports Physical Therapy

(4 Videos)

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