How to Shadow a Physical Therapist Online Right Now

Would you believe us if we told you we were
time-travel agents

If we could offer to:

  • save you time
  • take away frustration
  • qualify your job shadowing hours
  • remove your stress
  • for the price of a gourmet cup of coffee…

…while you put your feet up, snuggled in your favorite comfy chair.

Well we’re not making it up… this is for real! 
Let me explain how as Virtual Job Shadow ‘tour hosts’, we are essentially… time-travel agents!

FACT: Virtual job shadowing is on the rise as COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders made online remote working a necessity for many professionals.

Nearly every work function that could be done online, shifted to digital platforms, mainly in the name of safety.  And virtual job shadowing has been swept into this incredible, adaptive trend.

… that’s why we created PT Observation Hours online, to help make Physical Therapy student’s lives a little easier, guiding them into the virtual experience to complete the Physical Therapy Observation hours they need. 

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. - Anon


See our growing library of videos that shadow Physical Therapists
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You’re Almost There

Rest assured… we have done the ground work for you to finish up well.

Just like the Interview Guys recommend in their 5 Top Tips for Effective Virtual Job Shadowing… we share how we’ve prepared the way for you.

  1. Your Research is Done –  We are qualified Physical Therapists that run a successful practice and we have prepared real material for you to learn from.

  2. You’re Search is Over – How do you find a mentor to approach? How do you compete for  limited spaces? No worries! Simply join us online – you don’t need to compete with us… there is plenty of room at PT Observation Hours and we welcome you!

  3. No Need to Prepare Questions – With PT Observation Hours, we have the questions built-into the videos for you! Testing and certification are all included.

  4. We are Ready for You – Login whenever you can find the time within your busy schedule, we are ready to go too, 24 x 7. We guarantee that you will get the shadowing hours you need ONLINE for less money and stress than it would cost you to do in-person observation hours. You don’t need to appear on-camera, ever.

  5. We’re Glad You Made it Here –  Thank You! – We are grateful you stopped by to hear about our offering. We’d like to be thought of as the helping-hand that made your journey a little easier. So feel free to pay it forward and share this link! 

Sign-Up Easy as 1-2-3

We made it virtual and simple for you to get certified from anywhere, any time of the day or night… to get it DONE ON YOUR DESKTOP and log hours  with built-in testing online.

1. Sign-up and Register – it’s free!

2. Pick a Video.

3. Click the BUY NOW and pay in the popup, view the video!
(A receipt gets emailed immediately).

Courses to Shadow…

We can guarantee you that you will get the shadowing hours you need ONLINE for less money and stress than it would cost you to do in-person observation hours.

Each video is approximately one hour long, gives you ‘one-hour’ of observation time and costs only $7.95 each. After all, where can you job-shadow for the price of a Starbucks grande special?

These are actual people, in actual sessions, with real problems being discussed, interviewed and assessed by professional Physical Therapists, in front of your eyes. See them in action as if you were in-clinic.

These are the categories of more than 17+ hours of case study videos we have ready-to-observe for you to purchase access to right now:

Outpatient Orthopedic 
8 Video Sessions

Job shadow Orthopedics professionals as they look at the overall picture of diseases and conditions that affect their client’s musculoskeletal system.

Sports Physical Therapy 
4 Video Sessions

Virtually observe as PT Sports Therapists work with athletes to assess and diagnose the sports injuries they’ve experienced.

Home Care
4 Video Sessions

Observe a Physical Therapist in this growing segment of society that provides physical therapy care for the house-bound and the aging with dignity and compassion.

Neuro Physical Therapy 
1 Video Sessions

Log Neuro Physical Therapy hours as therapists demonstrate how to stimulate the nervous system through activities designed to help a patient learn new ways to move.

Inpatient/Acute Care
Coming Soon

Earn virtual therapy hours observing as our professionals work in hospitals to evaluate a patient’s functional mobility offering techniques to help improve their client’s mobility

Coming Soon

Observe hours of  Pediatric Physical Therapist working with children to help them and their families by teaching and guiding exercises to assist these individuals in reaching their full ability to function.

Start & Finish Your Virtual PT Observation Hours Today!

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