Your Guide To Completing Your Physical Therapy Observation Hours

Obtaining the required amount of physical therapy hours is a challenge every future therapist struggles to achieve. Every school requires a different number of hours, leaving students everywhere feeling the pressure to complete them so they can apply to their target physical therapy program.

Don’t settle for simply googling “physical therapy observation hours near me”; instead, let this guide help you complete your hours, getting you one step closer to achieving your goals of becoming a physical therapist!

When trying to get your pt observation hours, it’s good to keep an open mind so you can find which available option is the best fit for your schedule and needs – so let’s get to it!

The Guide:

In-Person Observation Hours

In-person observation hours allow you to shadow a therapist in the facility where they work. It’s an excellent way to view their interactions with patience up-close, learning how they work and respond in different situations. In-person observation hours work great for those living in areas with multiple facility options since you can observe various physical therapy realms. However, it may not be the best option if you live in a more rural setting, and you may run into difficulty due to higher Covid protocols.

Local Schools

Checking with your local school district may give you a better opportunity to complete some of your observation hours. Schools are often easier to get into than larger facilities but may restrict the number of on-campus volunteers depending on your state. Check with the schools in your area to see their latest protocols for allowing increased staff on the premises.

Rehabilitation Centers

Many rehab centers are more open to working with students, giving you a greater chance to complete your hours. They also have a wide range of patients, giving you a unique opportunity to observe many different physical therapy settings, all in one place. However, they typically have stricter schedules that may make it more challenging for you to commit to.


For many students, completing their observation hours online is the ideal solution. Online observation offers the greatest level of flexibility so that you can finish your hours on your own schedule. Students in even the most rural locations can shadow a therapist through high-quality videos that provide them with the opportunity to learn from qualified therapists. It’s vital that you choose an online program that is trusted and well-respected.

Sign-Up Easy as 1-2-3

We made it virtual and simple for you to get observation hours from anywhere, any time of the day or night… to get it DONE ON YOUR DESKTOP and log hours  with built-in attention checks online. All you have to do is pay attention and bam, it’s done! 

1. Sign-up and Register – it’s free!

2. Pick a Video.

3. Click the BUY NOW and pay in the popup, view the video!
(A receipt gets emailed immediately).

PT Observation Hours opens the door to becoming a physical therapist by providing potential physical therapy students the opportunity to virtually obtain their shadowing observation hours. By delivering high-quality videos that follow real physical therapists as they treat real patients, students receive an immersive experience that helps educate and guide them.

The process couldn’t be simpler; students create an account, purchase their videos, watch them, then fill out the attention checkpoints and hours. Once finished, you’ll receive a certificate for hours completed. That’s it! The best part? PT Observation Hours video’s are extremely affordable, making them attainable for almost every budget.

Don’t let completing your physical therapy observation hours weigh you down; with PT Observation Hours, they are only a click away!

Start & Finish Your Virtual PT Observation Hours Today!

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