Why Online PT Observation Hours are Mentally Beneficial for Pre-Health Students

When it comes to pursuing a career in the healthcare field, gaining experience is vital. And while many pre-health students may think that they have to complete hours of volunteer work in a clinic or hospital, there are other ways to obtain experience.

Online Physical Therapy (PT) observation hours are an excellent way for pre-health students to get an up-close and personal look at the profession without the hassle of scheduling and coordinating times that work for you to come into a PT clinic. A great part about a virtual platform is that it can be completed on your own time frame! 

Here’s why online PT observation hours are so beneficial for the mental health of pre-health students:

1. PT observation Hours Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Now more than ever, pre-health students are feeling the pressure to succeed. The competitive nature of the field can lead to students being anxious about getting high grades so their GPA is high enough to get into a graduate program, or stressed about financials – students who participate in in-person observation hours may have limited time to work, go to school, and have enough money to survive college! One way to help relieve those stressors and anxiety is to take advantage of the virtual platform that PT observation hours provides at ptobservationhours.com.

Before pre-health, students nearly always had to think, “are there any places that I can get my observations hours for PT school near me?”. Whereas now, the PT observation hours can come to you – in your own home! Removing the barriers that previously existed when students had to search extensively for a place that would allow them to come and shadow. 

By observing virtual physical therapy sessions, students can gain valuable insights into the profession, giving them enough exposure to understand what a physical therapist does and allowing them to decide if this profession is right for them. This also gives students more time for self care because they can watch the videos in the comfort of their own home. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pre-health process, remember that completing your PT observation hours online can not only benefit your PT school application, but it can also benefit your mental health!

2. PT Observation Hours Improve Grades and Test Scores

One of the benefits of using the platform created at PT observation hours is that they can help students to obtain higher grades in their prospective coursework. This is because this website saves students both time and energy by not having to go out searching for more locations to obtain their shadowing hours. With more free time and lower stress levels, these students can allocate that time towards their studies which will help them do better in school overall. Taking care of yourself first is one of the best ways to help be a better person when you are around others.

In addition, online PT observation hours can help improve test scores because they allow students to learn in a more relaxed setting. Since the student is comfortable in their own home, they can fully absorb everything that is occurring on the screen in front of them without any external pressures. This way, they can better understand what is being demonstrated and take away more valuable information from the experience.

3. Advantages of Online over Traditional In-Person Observation Hours

One advantage of online PT observation hours over traditional in-person observation hours is that they can be completed at your own time and pace. This can be especially beneficial if you have a busy schedule or need to complete the hours in multiple sessions.

Additionally, online observation hours offer a variety of settings that students can choose to watch and observe. For example, students may find that the “PT observation hours are not exactly up to the mark or not what I’m looking for, what do I do?”. Online observation hours allow you to have more opportunities to learn about different settings and therapies that you’re interested in.

Finally, online observation hours typically cost less than in-person hours. We all know that time is valuable. Although you have to purchase this service – you will not have to take time off work to complete these videos. This can allow you to save money, which students can then put towards self-care expenses such as travel or lodging. Online PT observation hours offer several advantages over traditional in-person hours, including flexibility, comfort, increased opportunities, and cost savings.

Completing PT observation hours is a crucial step toward becoming a Physical Therapist. However, finding time to complete these hours can be difficult. One way to overcome this obstacle is to find remote shadowing, much like at PT Observation Hours. Check out our website at ptobservationhours.com today to see what all the fuss is about! 

Start & Finish Your Virtual PT Observation Hours Today!

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