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More FAQs

We will issue you a certificate upon completion of the videos. This will be your record to maintain and will state the number of hours that you observed. 

Each video is approximately 1 hour long, & will count for 1 hour of observation. 

Login to your PTCAS account. 

Select "Supporting Information" 

Select "Observation Hours" tab. 

Select "Add Observation Hours"


Facility Name: PT Observation Hours 

Street Address: 57 W Eagle Road

City: Havertown

Country: United States

State/Province: Pennsylvania 

Postal Code: 19083

Under start date enter the first date you observe & the last date that you virtually observed. 

Recognition type: Volunteer

Settings & Hours of Experience: Enter the number of hours you observed in each category (It depends on which videos you observed!)

 Select "Send my PT Observation hours to my PT/PTA supervisor for verification."

First Name: Rosemary 

Last Name: O'Halloran

Phone: leave blank


License No. - Leave blank 

License State: Pennsylvania


Lastly select: Save & Complete

Then you're part is done!

It will take 1-3 business days for the hours to be verified (it may even be quicker than that). When you submit the hours to PTCAS, the company will get an email, and will review what has been inputted into the system on both ends to verify that what you have stated on your application is correct. Once it is approved the Observation Hours will update immediately on your PTCAS account. We are making it a priority to review & complete this daily, so students are not stuck waiting on us to submit their finalized application! 

First, check that all the information you have inputted is correct!


After you have verified that, send an email to with the subject line: "MISSING VERIFICATION"


This way, we can check that we haven't missed anything. All of our customers are a priority to us, and we make it a priority to help the process of applying to PT school be as smooth as possible!  

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