Finally Finish Your PT Observation Hours Quickly And Easily!

As a future Physical Therapist, you must complete a specific number of physical therapy observation hours to apply to physical therapy programs. These hours are spent following a (physical) therapist throughout their day, watching how they interact with their patients, and learning everything you can about your future field.

PT Observation Hours are an excellent way to get a feel for what you can expect in the future and give you your first taste of what it’s like to be a practicing physical therapist. However, thanks to the events of the past few years, it is increasingly hard to get your hours in. 

Many facilities limit the number of people they allow in the building to decrease the risk of exposure to Covid-19. If you are struggling to get your observation hours in, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There is a way you can successfully and easily complete your observation hours, no matter where you live!

What Are Physical Therapy Observation Hours, And Why Do I Need Them?

Physical therapy observation hours are spent with a therapist, watching them interact with their patients. Also known as shadowing, it allows you to closely look at what it takes to care for a wide range of ailments. Depending on your school’s requirements, the number of hours you need will vary, but as a rule, it’s good to get at least twenty hours in various settings. This will give you a general idea of the expansiveness of physical therapy and help you stand out amongst other applicants when applying for PT school..

Where Can I get My Observation Hours?

There area wide range of facilities you can choose to attend to complete your hours, including acute care and rehab hospitals, schools, home health, pediatrics, and more. Although, in theory, there are many places you can go, the problem arises with scheduling and availability. If you are allowed to go into the facility, finding a time that works for both you and the therapist is often difficult, sometimes taking years to complete your required hours.

Are There Any Other Options For Me To Get My PT Observation Hours?

I know how incredibly frustrating it can be when you can’t get your hours in, but there is hope! PT Observation Hours provides you with the physical therapist observation hours you need without the hassle!

What Does PT Observation Hours Provide?

PT Observation Hours gives you access to high-quality videos that allow you to get your shadowing hours in multiple settings. Our affordable service saves you time and money, reducing your stress and anxiety. When you use our service, it makes the application process to PT school more accessible by giving you the ability to get your physical therapy observation hours done, regardless of your

What our courses look like… 

Each video is approximately one hour long, gives you ‘one-hour’ of observation time and costs only $7.95 each. 

Our courses are of actual patients, in actual sessions, with real injuries being examined, assessed and evaluated by actual Physical Therapists, in front of your eyes. See them in action as if you were in-clinic.

These are the categories of more than 17+ hours of case study videos we have ready-to-observe for you to purchase and gain access to right now:

Outpatient Orthopedic 
8 Video Sessions

Job shadow Orthopedics professionals as they look at the overall picture of diseases and conditions that affect their client’s musculoskeletal system.

Sports Physical Therapy 
4 Video Sessions

Virtually observe as PT Sports Therapists work with athletes to assess and diagnose the sports injuries they’ve experienced.

Home Care
4 Video Sessions

Observe a Physical Therapist in this growing segment of society that provides physical therapy care for patients who are house-bound or those who are unable to travel to outpatient physical therapy.

Neuro Physical Therapy 
1 Video Sessions

Log Neuro Physical Therapy hours as therapists demonstrate how to stimulate the nervous system through activities designed to help a patient learn new ways to move.

Inpatient/Acute Care
Coming Soon

Earn virtual therapy hours observing as our professionals work in hospitals to evaluate a patient’s functional mobility offering techniques to help improve their client’s mobility and enable them to return safely to their homes.

Coming Soon

Observe hours of  Pediatric Physical Therapist working with children to help them and their families by teaching and guiding exercises to assist these individuals in reaching their full ability to function through play.

At PT Observation Hours, we proudly work to promote the physical therapy profession by allowing future therapists to complete their observation hours easier than ever before! Now anyone, anywhere, can get their required PT observation hours done, creating opportunities like never before. So what are you waiting for? With PT Observation Hours becoming a physical therapist is easier and faster than ever!

Sign-Up Easy as 1-2-3

We made it virtual and simple for you to get observation hours from anywhere, any time of the day or night… to get it DONE ON YOUR DESKTOP and log hours  with built-in attention checks online. All you have to do is pay attention and bam, it’s done! 

1. Sign-up and Register – it’s free!

2. Pick a Video.

3. Click the BUY NOW and pay in the popup, view the video!
(A receipt gets emailed immediately).

Start & Finish Your Virtual PT Observation Hours Today!

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