How Many Physical Therapy Observation Hours Do I Need?

One of the most common questions among students striving to become a physical therapist is how many physical therapy observation hours they need to apply to a physical therapy program.

Many students start looking ahead early, trying to get as many hours as they can to expedite this process. It’s always a smart idea to plan ahead and account for your schedule, the therapist you intend to shadow’s schedule, and the openness of the facility to allow volunteers.

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How Many PT Observation Hours Do I Need?

When it comes to physical therapist shadowing, the number of hours you need varies depending on the school you attend. In general, you can expect to need between 25 and 100 hours in total, which you must complete before applying to your choice PT program. Each program is different and has its own requirements that every student must follow. You can check your school of choice’s website to ensure you know the correct number of physical therapy observation hours they expect.

If you find that your school’s hours are on the lower end, you may get excited, thinking you may be able to apply to your program of choice earlier. However, you have to consider the fact that there are a large number of students just like you applying for the same position, which has a limited amount of space. If you have at least 100 hours, you give yourself a better chance for acceptance than those with a lower number. It also will not limit you on where you want to apply if you have a higher number of hours.

For many, achieving 25 hours, much less 100, is near impossible due to their location of strict covid protocols set in place for local medical facilities. Finding a physical therapist you can shadow is often tricky and can require an extensive wait time. Plus, scheduling can be a nightmare. Many students have given up their dreams of becoming a physical therapist because of their inability to achieve their observation hours. The good news is, now anyone anywhere can get their observation hours easily, so they can start their new career faster than they ever imagined!

PT Observation Hours is a groundbreaking, game-changing program that allows you to get your hours by watching high-quality, in-depth videos filmed using real, practicing physical therapists! Currently, PT Observation Hours currently offers 17 videos, with more coming soon, featuring a variety of PT settings to provide you with the most comprehensive shadowing opportunities. Our videos include:

– Outpatient Orthopedics
– Home Care
– Neuro Physical Therapy
– Sports Physical Therapy
– Pediatrics – Coming Soon!
– Outpatient/ Acute Care – Coming Soon!

Each video allows you to shadow a physical therapist as they see their actual patients, enabling you to learn from their interactions just like you’d do in a physical setting.


With two purchasing options, single video and 10-pack bundles, you can get a customized experience to meet your specific needs.

PT Observation Hours provides you with PT hours where and when you need them, regardless of location. Now you can fulfill your dreams of becoming a physical therapist by quickly and easily completing your observation hours with PT Observation Hours!

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