What you need to know to become a Physical Therapist & how PTObservationHours.com works!

Physical Therapy is a growing profession in today’s society. More and more people are interested in staying fit, injury-free, and mobile–AND they want to avoid surgery at all costs.

Physical therapy is a great alternative that can allow patients to avoid not only the cost of surgery, but also the physical trauma the patient’s body must undergo during surgical intervention. With more people interested in attending Physical Therapy, there is now a need for more people to be Physical Therapists.

You could be one of them!

How can I become a Physical Therapist?

First an individual must graduate high school and attend an institution to obtain their bachelors degree. This degree can be in any major, however, students often find it easier when they enter PT school to have a background in kinesiology, exercise science, athletic training, biology, pre-health, etc. Then students must make sure they have all of the pre-requisite requirements of various PT Schools (the requirements vary from one institution to another). Students must check the number of Physical Therapy observation hours that each school requires and make sure they observe Physical Therapists in action! 

Once the student has all of the requirements, the student can begin to apply to the schools of their choice. Once the student is accepted, they must complete all the program requirements, and will graduate with their Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After that, the individual must then take the National Physical Therapy Examination and pass it. Finally, the individual must apply for licensure in the state they wish to work, and can begin working as a Physical Therapist.

How many observation hours do I need to be accepted into a DPT Program?

Most universities with Physical Therapy programs require anywhere from 50 to 200 observation hours in order to be eligible to apply to their program. These hours can be challenging to obtain, for various reasons including: limited number of clinics or clinicians willing to accept observation students; difficulty for the student to have transportation to the clinic; and it can be difficult to schedule these hours into your daily routine with class schedules, extracurricular activities, etc. That is why we created PTObservationHours.com! To give students who are interested in Physical Therapy the opportunity to easily obtain the required observation hours that are needed to apply to various DPT Programs. 

Make sure you check on each individual program’s website to verify the number of observation hours required! The last thing you need is to not be accepted to a program because you didn’t have the right number of hours! That is why we are here to help!   

Will completing my PT Observation Hours online satisfy the observation hour requirements for different schools?

The simple answer is YES! Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many students had difficulty obtaining observation hours for various programs because clinics had to keep the number of people in the clinic lower than in regular times. As a result, we produced a virtual platform where students can learn about the job requirements of a Physical Therapist, without actually having to be there in person! According to the ELP Pre-Admission Observation Hours Task Force Report published  in 2021, it is recommended for schools to accept virtual observation hours & for students to participate in virtual observation hours.

Should all of my pre-admission observation hours be online?

No! Students should complete online observation hours for approximately 50% of the hours they will submit to a school. It is important to use the product we have created to help supplement your need for additional observation hours. However, it is still useful to get into at least one clinic so you can see what it is like in person!

Overall, PT Observation Hours is an excellent resource for aspiring student Physical Therapists. With no wait times, real patient interaction, and licensed Physical Therapists–you are bound to get an experience like never before. PT Observation Hours online are packed with helpful information that will help you get into a prestigious intuition for your studies and be a great DPT!

If you’re interested in learning more check out ptobservationhours.com today!

Start & Finish Your Virtual PT Observation Hours Today!

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